Godly Light of All Kinds

EMAIL DEVOTIONAL week of Epiphany 1 A small shaft of light reflecting off a small mirror … a candle offering dim light in the corner of a dark room … the sun’s rays beating down on your back as you work in your yard … a headlight shining into your car as you drive on…

Shiny Jesus

New Day Sermon Transfiguration Sunday The Transfiguration is a preview into God’s revelation and the promise of resurrection, but it also tells us something about who we are right now.

Transfiguration Sunday Preview

This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him! Matthew 17:5 The transfiguration story is filled with mystery. We can only imagine what the sight might have been like. Those present (Peter, James, and John) were clearly terrified by the event. Often transformational events in our lives are also…