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The Black Hole of the Easter Cave

TRADITIONAL SERMON Easter Sunday Darkness and light … it is a rhythm that has always stood at the center of this story.  Energy … that we cannot begin to comprehend, fuels the event.  Theories, questions and conclusions have arisen around it, even though none of us have ever seen it with our own eyes.  And…

The Passion of our Lord

New Day Sermon Palm Sunday This week’s message is the Passion of the Lord according to Luke. We have included the worship song “Messiah” and the Passion reading. The Gospel reading is dramatically read by the New Day band and set to music and paired with drawings and watercolor painting. We hope that this message…

Cost versus Value

We are very familiar with the scene and the characters in today’s gospel. We think we know them. There is much that has been said regarding them. But, none of the details in the story irrefutably support the theories.Theories that have long been perpetuated about who, where and when this scene takes place. Therefore, I…

Why, God?

New Day Sermon – Lent 3 Watching the news today can give us knots in our stomach; mass shootings, natural disasters that claim property and lives, war and violence. We begin to wonder where God is in all of this and could God stop it?

Camp Sunday

New Day Sermonlent 2 This week we welcomed guest preacher Zach Weiss for Camp Sunday at St. Peter’s. Zach is the Director of Camp Kirchenwald in Colebrook and he preached on the gospel and the importance of camp in Christian formation.