AuthorRev. Sarah Teichmann

Pastor of Christian Formation
Rev. Sarah Teichmann

I love working in a staff where we are able to use each other’s strengths for the glory of God. I am energized by the lay leaders of the church and the creative ways they can extend the mission of Jesus to congregational members and our community.

Our Mission Giving Plan for 2019

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the Mission Giving Plan for the 2019 church year presented in a different way than the typical congregational budget. This “narrative ministry budget” presents our congregational mission in the context of 11 major areas of ministry in St. Peter’s congregation, noting a few of the various…

Ask Me

New Day Sermon All Saints’ Sunday Life is filled with questions. Some we are begging to be asked about, and some that are harder to put to words. All Saints’ Sunday is a good day for to ask questions about life and death.

Campers, Camels, and Calculations

This past summer my husband, daughter and I embarked on an adventure we had never before tried as a family. Camping! Actually the grand adventure was the journey to the campsite in Custer, South Dakota…a round trip of 4,000 miles in a car…together…for many days. But we were set. We had purchased our 1993 Coleman’s…