AuthorVicar Nancy Brody

Vicar Nancy Brody

Vicar Nancy grew up in Dahlgren, Virginia. Lutheran worship and theology retrofitted and proactively bathed her mosaic of Christian experience with a transformative wash of undeserved, unearned, unlimited grace, sustained by word and sacrament.


God is great at teaching through paradoxes, things that at first, seem totally absurd. Jesus does his best to explain how they are true. The contradictory proposition of Ash Wednesday is how ashes not only cleanse, but prepare space to light a new fire.


“But, it’s trouble ahead if you think you have it made. What you have is all you’ll ever get. And it’s trouble ahead if you’re satisfied with yourself. Your self will not satisfy you for long. And it’s trouble ahead if you think life’s all fun and games. There’s suffering to be met, and you’re…

Magic or Miracle?

New Day Sermon Epiphany 2 Ritual cleansing prepared an individual to participate in something sacred (like worship or a wedding ceremony). Purity’s goal was to open a vertical channel to God, the source of everything sacred. Jesus’ miracle of water to wine created a link between religious practice and the sacredness of horizontal relationships.

Epiphany 2 Worship Preview

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5 Like Jesus, we are called to “do something,” to follow Christ’s lead and listen to what he says. The church’s mission is to act when we see something happening that is detrimental to others. Like Mary, we often think the solution involves getting…

Special Delivery

Today we hear how the Almighty One does great things for the lowly, those who fear and are hungry, those who need assistance and all who hold onto a promise from God. We lit a final candle and assembled a humble manger in preparation for the Christ child, the baby Jesus, Mary’s son, our Lord.…


New Day Sermonadvent 3 Is it up to us to muster up hope and joy this holiday season? When circumstances make it difficult, joy, like faith can only be received from God. What we need to fill our spirits is available, yet not always accessible. Why?

Christ as King

Christ The King Last Sunday After Pentecost You might be surprised to know that one of my biggest challenges in seminary was learning to decipher the church calendar. If I am supposed to keep track of days and dates, I need a big rectangle with little squares. Before going to seminary, saying Advent comes before…