In addition to visiting guest speakers and presentations by our lay team of facilitators (Brendan Armitage, Jen Sassaman, and Neil Snyder), our Crosspoints Adult Sunday School Class will be holding a series of classes throughout the year entitled “Here We Stand” (HWS), presented by our rostered staff leaders Sister Dottie, Pastors Ross, Geib and Teichmann and Vicar Nancy Brody. Some of the classes will be facilitated jointly and others will be led by one of these leaders. The goal is to understand a multitude of topics through a Lutheran lens. The first session on September 16th will be led by Pastor Geib and will examine fundamental Lutheran theology as found in the Bible and in basic Confessions adopted by the Lutheran Church. The Here We Stand Class that will take place on Sunday, September 23rd is entitled “Here I Stand; Where Do I Stand?”,  a question that will be answered by each rostered Leader and then open to challenge and discussion from the class. We hope to promote a better understanding of Lutheran theology and how we can address current topics such as church and state, salvation, interfaith issues, human sexuality, end of life issues, and more, as rational, thinking Lutherans!  Can I differ and still be a (good) Lutheran? Class takes place Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 am in the Conference Room. Bring your coffee. Bring your comments. Bring your smiles.