We believe that we are called, gathered and sent in Jesus’ name. St. Peter’s is a place where we strive to love God with our hearts, our minds and our souls.

We are disciples of Christ by the way we worship and praise the Lord, by the way learn about God’s love, and by the way we serve our neighbors near and far.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

–Matthew 18:20

Our Mission

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is an inclusive  family of faith, unified in Spirit.  As members, we are called to worship God, learn and teach God’s Word, and serve humanity, near and far.

–St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Vision Statement

In order to to fulfill St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church’s vision, members will:

IMG_20160325_185702Worship through the use of liturgy, preaching the Word, administration of Sacraments, a varied music program, and a participatory membership role.

Teach the Word of God and nurture spiritual growth for the entire membership through varied educational experiences.

Witness to others by sharing the Gospel of Christ and working both near and far for peace, justice, and ways to end human suffering.

Celebrate fellowship within the church family through small group ministries, by recognizing wide ranging interests and providing a welcoming, nurturing environment for new members.     

Return to God with joy and thanksgiving what God has first given us… ourselves, our time, and our possessions…through discerning and sharing our Spirit-given (God-given) gifts as well as through proportionate growth giving.

Promote community outreach and serve others as representatives of Christ, by effectively allocating staff, lay members and facilities.

Foster ecumenical faith ventures with other congregations.

Who we are and what we Believe

ELCASt. Peter’s Lutheran Church is one of the 237 Lutheran churches of the Lower Susquehanna Synod and part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America .

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